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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Today's Fashion Show @ CWS was a colorful display from Ms.JayGee Voolmar, from beautiful flowing silks to frilly frocks to sexy lace ensemble's that would make any girl feel like a dream.
Ms. JayGee Voolmar

Ms. Laylah Lecker the fashion shows Show Stopper waves here to the crowd
 The Models were all stunning from their hair to their shoes they accessorized beautifully.

A lovely example of Lace here in a beautiful deep blue color

Another Beautiful blue color representing an Asian style, simply gorgeous.
This Dress is another beautiful combination of Lace and Frill
Subtle black lace is absolutely stunning
This ensemble was one of my favorites.
Beautiful Purple Silks

  In Closing this Fashion Show was a great success
                                                       for all in attendance it was a beautiful display of color and fashion.

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