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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finals @ CWS

Well everyone today was my Final with Mrs. Anrol Anthony and Ms. Laylah Lecker, I started out with the styling part of the final and I think I did really good on it, I was even pleased with my styling description here have a look:

Good Evening & Welcome to this evening's Styling- Black & Red,  I am Kaitlyn Spyker, an aspiring model at CWS, SImply The Best.. The Outfit I chose for this styling is simple but it is sassy and fun, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.
First I will begin with the top I chose, it is called Red Darling and it's by Gawk!, The mini skirt  I chose is from *Pearl Design's* Black Romance, My Hairstyle is Fedora in Onyx by Magika, My Shoes are :)Eve(: Temptation in Red, My Nails are by .:[RatzCatz]:. in Red, My Earrings and Necklace are by (Caroline's) called Shooting Stars Silver set, My Bracelet are "Women's Delicate Heart' by JCNY and My engagement ring is also by JCNY called Crimson Rose, I am also wearing a Silver Diamond Heart Link Bracelet by Purple Rose and lastly My eyes are LAQ Dazzling Eden Eyes and My skin is Nellie #8 in Mocha also by LAQ.
Thank you everyone for coming to see this beautiful show and thank you to our judges, announcers, andI can not forget to give Thanks to Anrol Anthony & Steve101 McCullough  who have given me this wonderful opportunity to share my creativity with each and every one of you.

Not to shabby I think but anyway......I finished my styling and Mrs. Anthony called me back to the front of the stage and asked me to invite her to my huddles for the Dome formation, well that went well as well it was when I had to do the character test that everything fell apart. I was on Firestorm so I could hear Mrs. Anthony per the final NC I recieved stating I had to be able to hear voice and seeing as I can't hear anything on Phoenix I figured Firestorm would work just fine........WRONG!!!!
I hit the character test and then when she told me to switch back I accidentally hit the bikini folder thinking I had to be in a bikini from what the NC said, I was incorrect and Mrs. Anthony requested that I try it again so I did and this time I could not get my shape or my skin to rez At All I was mortified, kinda like when the other girls in the Scarlet O'Hara Styling told me I was bald even though I could see my whole outfit noone else could see my hair. So that in turn brings me to the end of my final infront of Mrs. Anthony :(

But on a better note we were informed to go to the four different runways and take some pics and post them along with a description here on our lets begin

CWS Ballroom Stage
This Stage is a Masterpiece, from the beautiful chandelier that hangs above audience to the bright colorful stage for the Models. Adorning the walls of this great room are pictures of Models that once crossed this stage in their beautiful gowns all lovely to see each and every one of them.  It reminds me of a stage from the Academy Awards so big and brilliant hopefully one day I will get to walk across it myself.

CWS Black and White Stage
I have viewed many Fashion Shows from the audience of this beautiful stage, plenty of seating for viewing from all sides. A lovely pond runs paraellel to the runway on both sides and the models then circle around the pond walking the runway to promote the ensemble they have chosen for the evening. This Stage is a simple design with exceptional taste in my opinion.

CWS Dome Stage
The Dome Stage is a regal stage with three runways like the Ballroom Stage, it has two giant statues that are on either side of the middle runway that spills water down to disappear at their feet below. Decorated with crystal chandiliers and beautiful accent lights it is a Magnificant design for any modeling stage.


CWS Red Runway
The entrance to this runway takes you down a long hallway filled with pictures is majestic gold frames of models that have won contests from Ms.Independence 2009 to Ms. Top Model 2012. As you enter through the arch you see a gorgeous red and gold stage with white and gold chairs surrounding it a white grand piano sits off to the left as many more pictures grace the walls around this stage. Another stage that is simple but brilliantly designed.Just like the Models at CWS.

Well that concludes My blog about Finals and the Four Stylish Stages of CWS, I will be waiting on pins and needles for the results of today's events and if I should not pass along with my class I just want to say that I have never worked with a more gracious and kind group of ladies in all My time on Second Life, And as for the wonderful trainers they have taught me so much, things I never knew I could do I can now achieve thanks to their undying attention to detail. To Laylah, Tiffani, Debbie, Vicky & Lisana you are so sweet and kind and I will forever grateful to each and every one of you for everything you have done to prepare me for this moment, I feel I have not only gained brilliant teachers but friends and confidants. Thank you all for being......well......who you are.
And to Mrs. Anrol Anthony and Mr. Steve101 McCullough I thank you both for allowing me the time to attend your university and to learn what I have learned, you both have brilliant minds and a beautiful dream in the University and you both should be so very proud of everything you have accomplished, because you have built a wonderful place for women and men to follow their dreams and for that we all Thank You. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Today's Fashion Show @ CWS was a colorful display from Ms.JayGee Voolmar, from beautiful flowing silks to frilly frocks to sexy lace ensemble's that would make any girl feel like a dream.
Ms. JayGee Voolmar

Ms. Laylah Lecker the fashion shows Show Stopper waves here to the crowd
 The Models were all stunning from their hair to their shoes they accessorized beautifully.

A lovely example of Lace here in a beautiful deep blue color

Another Beautiful blue color representing an Asian style, simply gorgeous.
This Dress is another beautiful combination of Lace and Frill
Subtle black lace is absolutely stunning
This ensemble was one of my favorites.
Beautiful Purple Silks

  In Closing this Fashion Show was a great success
                                                       for all in attendance it was a beautiful display of color and fashion.

Friday, July 20, 2012

OMG!!!! What an amazingly talented event today, The CWS Master Styling 2 was fantastic all of the contestants were phenominal. Ms Ania Lennie was the Top Winner, her talent and imagination was totally jaw dropping...Our First Runner up Ms.Violetagrace Resident took me by surprise with her quick changes during the talent part of her session and The Third Runner Up Ms.Janet Brink was wearing a beautiful gown for her Hippie Style, showing the beauty and grace that was was lost during that time period.  All of these ladies brought something new and different to the competition and I enjoy every minute of it. <3

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Learning Shadows in My Blogging/Photography class.......this is fun <3

CWS Egyptian Styling Event 5pm SLT

Todays Egyptian Styling Event was quite an exquiste display of imagination for all the models who were in the show.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

So day two of my CWS Experience blog :) Blogging is a little new to me so forgive me if I bore ya lol....Anyway I went to the Fashion Show yesterday at 3pm SLT and it was so amazing to see how it all goes down, the models all looked so beautiful and their formation was superb. I can't wait till I can walk down the runway with the confidence that they all showed yesterday..Bravo Ladies.

Next order of business was my class last night going over Prim Editing &  Beach and Dome Formation, I did really good according to Ms. Tiffani on Beach but Dome was a nightmare only because of my huddlez. That thing drove me nuts but I finally beat it and got all the walks and poses I needed, got them all loaded along with their NC's and it works perfectly....\o/ Me lol. I also set up the Female AO on it so I would have the walks I needed for the different runway styles. Well "that's all folks" until next time stay safe and Blog Blog Blog :) huggies xoxo.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hi this is Kaitlyn Spyker and I am loving my CWS experience so far, it has been a SL dream of mine to become a Professional Model and I am finally here at the best school there is in Second Life. Te trainers are amazingly helpful and understanding which makes this experience even more fun and exciting. More to come so stay tuned <3